Welcome to IMEGA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. We are subsidiary trading firm of AL Kharbash Investment Co. (L.L.C) at Dubi, United Arab Emirates. We specialize in supplying Sugar, Cement and Oil for buyers interested in a fair, equitable, and quick opportunity for a great deal.  For those buyers, you will find that our firm has an eclectic mix of fair trading opportunities priced for an immediate exchange.  Contact us and we can provide the answer to your needs. Innovative approaches in buying and selling is our legacy at Imega International Trading.  This has been translated to a success in creating strategic partnerships with extensive international ties.  Our rapid growth and continued success has created opportunities for experienced international commodities traders. We benefit from our high level focus on risk management expertise and, more importantly, from a culture of risk management at every level of our firm dealings.  This helps our firm team in successfully navigating difficult markets to attain profitable deals. IMEGA INTERNATIONAL TRADING IMEGA INTERNATIONAL TRADING © IMEGA INTERNATIONAL TRADING